New Ford Site Studies: Public Input Pending

New momentum is picking up around the Ford site in St. Paul, as various groups involved in community planning and development are initiating studies that will set parameters for the site’s development (full press release).

Speaking for the City of St. Paul, one of many players in this process, Mayor Coleman expressed that the site should “reemerge as a connected, livable and green site and serve as a model for a 21st Century Community.” ARISE is firmly behind this sentiment and we believe the Ford site has the potential to set a new standard for mixed-use redevelopment.

This fall marks the next phase for this unique development, and ARISE is glad to see the planning groups involved building off of previous studies, proposing parameters in line with the St. Paul Road Map to Sustainability. Ongoing through this next year are four studies, covering zoning, jobs and employment, energy and sustainability, and transportation, which will have the first public comment periods open in October

To follow through on best intentions being discussed around this site and to maximizes benefits to the surrounding community and region, ARISE is ready to support an inclusive process, by helping stakeholders participate in an informed way.  Please contact us for opportunities to learn about the public input process and about how proposed options for site development could impact you differently. ARISE will be holding several public meetings this year for this purpose.

Full press release here.