Ford Site

ARISE aims to work collaboratively with you and other stakeholders affected by the redevelopment of the Ford Site, to shape and advance a site plan increasing quality of life for all.


Since Ford announced the Saint Paul Assembly plant would close in 2006, ARISE has been collaboratively creating a model for a thriving community-centered redevelopment. This evolving design aligns with the City’s goals for sustainability and aims to maximize diverse benefits.
The priorities expressed here emerged from years of feedback and research. Contributing to the process were residents, businesses, nationally recognized professionals, local advocacy groups, and youth.
Throughout the development, ARISE will continue to make space for local and regional stakeholders to get involved in the process. Together we can shape and propose a plan for the Ford Site that will provide the greatest benefits to the community.


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Visualizing the ARISE Plan

Emerging from the historic Ford Site, a vibrant live–work–play–learn community unfolds along the mighty Mississippi. Residents, visitors, and laborers use a variety of transportation options to access a mosaic of amenities that complement the surrounding neighborhood. Along the perimeter of the site, homes blend with the character of nearby residences and then make room for ample open space further in. Not only do the businesses on-site employ locals; they create a strong economic base and contribute to the local social fabric. Whether on their way along the restored Hidden Falls Stream, at play on the sports fields, or picking veggies at the small urban farm, people have space to meet each other and build community.