Ford Site Update Video!

Activity around the Ford Site development is progressing steadily!
Some of the studies are moving more quickly than others, but in both cases opportunities are opening up for the public and ARISE to help shape the direction of the development.  Learn about the most recent activity in our compact 30 min Ford Site Update Video!
The video includes a summary of the proposed ARISE plan for the site, a recap of studies underway, and an invitation to action.
As planning progresses and parameters are set on the development, ARISE aims to support a wide range of stakeholders in learning about the impact of different development directions, aligning their priorities, and working together to advance a plan that represents an intersection of their priorities.
Thanks to the Temple of Aaron for hosting our last Ford Site meeting and thanks to all those who attended for sharing what you see as important to include in the plan to maximize benefits on the site.
A correction to the video: the Density Study currently happening encompasses Ward 3, but primarily deals with impact of development on existing single family homes. You can find out more about this study and give input Jan 20th at the Highland District Council Community Development meeting (6:30-8:00) at Hillcrest Recreation Center.
Stay tuned for upcoming public input opportunities.