ARISE and Ford Site Studies on the Move

ARISE is on the move. Over the last few weeks ARISE has provided several opportunities for Ford Site stakeholders to discuss the proposed options for development of the site and the public input process.

Setting zoning standards for the site is one of the key ways the city, and thus the public, can influence what is built.  To support stakeholders in understanding how the two proposed pathways for zoning relate to sustainability and citizen engagement, on September 30th, at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, ARISE walked Ford Site stakeholders through the proposed pathways and facilitated discussion exploring their implications. Those in attendance also reviewed the probable timeline for ongoing studies and the opportunities for public input throughout the coming months.

You can read more about the ongoing studies and Mayor Coleman’s position in the press release on the ARISE website.

Decisions on how the Riverview transit corridor is developed will greatly shape connectivity of the Ford site to the rest of the metro area, so on October 7th at Homecroft School, we hosted a representative from the Ramsey County Regional Rail Authority, Mike Rogers, to explain the options being considered in the Riverview Corridor transit analysis.  This exciting step in local transit development, connecting the Union Depot in St. Paul and the Mall of America, could connect the Ford Site with the final leg of the Twin Cities “transit triangle.”

After several waves of public input, all transit options will be distilled into a “Locally Preferred Alternative,” to guide development of the corridor. There is a lot to watch here so ARISE will keep stakeholders informed of next steps and upcoming opportunities to hear directly from people like Mike.

To ensure that people who have a stake in what gets built on the Ford Site are able to participate meaningfully in public feedback opportunities, ARISE is committed to helping Ford Site stakeholders access clear information about development options and their expected impacts.