ARISE is a social enterprise facilitating development that strengthens and reconnects the economy, communities, and ecology, through an integrated and inclusive approach.

Our origins are in organizing for healthy, forward thinking redevelopment of the Ford Automotive Plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. To preserve and build out a model of integrated and inclusive development, ARISE incorporated and diversified.

ARISE now works on developments around the nation, turning deteriorated, polluted, and vacant land into vital communities. In each location, a wide range of citizens and professionals bring their creativity and passion to these projects.  Here are two projects we have learned from...

Dockside Green

Dockside Green is a 15-acre urban development committed to creating a well-loved, culturally vital neighbourhood where the mix of people and environment fuels health and a vibrant local economy.


SOMO Village is new and different mixed-use community on 200-acres which deeply embraces our global responsibility and respects the limited resources of our Planet.

Our approach is to collaboratively organize, plan, and build livable places, accounting for feasibility and community benefit together.

At each site, ARISE maximizes local and regional benefits, while laying the groundwork for long-lasting, vibrant communities.

To cultivate the best intersection of uses, ARISE draws from a diverse knowledge base, with representation from public, private, and community partners.

We advance livability for all by designing for access and options, and anchoring these live-work-play-learn spaces with productive economic centers. By investing in institutions and infrastructure that support the community and the environment, ARISE creates regenerative sources of economic stability and community health.

Together we can...