ARISE is a social enterprise facilitating development that strengthens and reconnects the economy, communities, and ecology through an integrated and inclusive approach.


The vibrancy of our communities depends on a strong, productive economic base that fosters dynamic relationships and elevates quality of life.


The integrity of our communities, morally and functionally, depends on diverse and equally inclusive opportunities, in working, living, and learning conditions.


The resilience of our communities depends on non-polluting systems that support a reliable future resource base.

What We Do

Our Team has a diverse and multi-disciplinary background allowing us to provide master planning, regional organizing, and economic development services.

The Ford Site

We're working with people like you to shape and advance a vibrant live-work-play-learn community at the decommissioned Ford Site in St. Paul. Together, we can create a design that will support easy access to resources and amenities, build community and foster creativity, and offer a healthy, safe place for all ages, incomes, and identities to thrive. Check out progress and see how you can get involved!

Ford Site